September, 14 2016 – It’s going to be popcorn day


Our distance models are counting on the star not being blocked.  

On September 14th 2016 the European Gaia Spacecraft Data on Tabby’s Star will be available.

In focus a Parallax that would give a precise measurement of distance between us and the star.

Currently our estimate of distance between us and Tabby’s Star is 1480 Light Years.

The estimate is based on a few factors,  primarily color and brightness.    The problem is this star , is , dimming and it looks like it has since at least 1890 (the first year we have observation).  Most likely it’s been dimming much, much longer than that.

If this star is dimming like the evidence is pointing towards.    It would mean this star is dimming now.

A Parallax would give us a real number rather than an estimate.

If the Parallax comes in around 1480 light years, within a reasonable margin of error than my theory is toast.. and you can all poke fun at me on Reddit until the next dip.  Though don’t celebrate that much,  a Parallax coming in at nearly exactly the estimate means that the blocking material isn’t around the star..   could be something in interstellar space , which raises far more questions.. such as why doesn’t this blocking material block other stars?

If it comes way more than 1480 light years meaning the star is much brighter, then purely speculative forum theories range from a gigantic light sail coming right at us to a beacon telling the universe they are there.

The point is no one is really expecting brightening,  however dimming is what many of us are speculating.

If it comes in less let’s say around or under 1000 light years.     That automatically should raise the red flag on this star.

It would mean first that this star is messed around with so badly that even our models of estimating distance are broken.

But what it also means is the following:

1 – The star is closer than what we were initially thinking.
2 – The star is dimming currently.

Our distance models are counting on the star not being blocked.

Honestly I don’t know if the next dip is going to change much.    Because then we’re talking multi multi muti level layers of weirdness.

See at that point we’ll realize that the star is currently dipping at a huge percentage,   it’s closer than it appears,  and dipping achromatic with no heat.

So if it’s going to dip on March 2017 ,  it would only most likely deepen the mystery…  no matter the result.

We still would have to explain why the star is being blocked at this very moment by whatever percentage the parallax is off from 1480 Light Years.  Why is it now not giving IR excess?   and all the usual questions with blocking material .

It’s out on September, 14 2016 ..  watch on reddit.


A Hypothesis on Tabby’s Star – A Gyroscope


I think you can replicate the Kepler Light Curve of KIC 8462852 AKA Tabby’s Star using the Gyroscope below.

But the real reason this won’t work?   The Rotor and Center Axis have to be INSIDE the star.     This is more comical than anything else.


The Gyroscope above appears to be able to replicate the light curve.



Spinning a Gyroscope unbalanced would be a catastrophe. The object would HAVE to be balanced and complete. Not under construction.   Don’t worry about building rotors inside a star.    ha!


The Kickstarter for KIC 8462852 | Tabby’s Star is successful!

The Kickstarter is successful!    This means that the star will be observed for a full year for any dips.   It also means that we will finally know what the heck is this:

aliens4These dips are not normal!  However since the project is funded we can actually get some science done.

IF (capital IF)  the next dip shows up and it’s achromatic  shaped anything other than a sphere.  Blocking 22% of the light with no heat though it’s parked right up against a star.   the conspiracy theorists will be the ones that say it’s not aliens.

Here is a cut and paste from a recent AMA with Jason Wright and Tabby Boyajian.

Question :  Lets assume it is rigorously tested and confirmed without any doubt that the signal is achromatic. What then? Where will we go from there? I believe that was the intent of the OP to ask.

Answer :  Then it’s back to the theorists to invoke absorbers without dust or gas — I don’t know what’s left! It would rule out lots of items on our “bad ideas” list (keep in mind that our list of “good ideas” is empty!).

Pretty Cool!   Congrats to everyone that worked to make this project successful!

Hopefully we can get some answers.



8 Reasons why it could be Aliens at Tabby’s Star


I personally think it could be an alien megastructure.     I’m not saying it is,  I’m just going to tell you why it could be.

The evidence is mounting that it actually is an artificial object the size of an entire solar system 1480 light years away.

Right now out of the theories we have left Aliens are the most likely.

I’m not saying it’s Aliens but to explain it we need another natural theory that fits.  We have none.

To do it by the book they should  get the funding and catch the star  dipping,  They can get more evidence  of it being an alien megastructure via observations while dipping..

Then you can say you discovered aliens.    You have multiple confirmations, multiple reasons, multiple methods that would be a multiple layered confirmation of Intelligent Alien Life.

But with what we know now,  why could it be life?

Here’s the 8 reasons:

1 –  The size of the object that is dipping the light from the star is roughly 70% the size of our sun,  but it’s not a sphere.   Gravity forces any object to become a sphere as it gains mass.     The objects we observed were not spheres.  They had non-sphere shapes, yet were 70% the size of our own sun.     These are all big and small have very oddly organized shapes , directions and orbits.

2 –  It cannot be a gas,  because any gas would show heat and we’d see IR.

3 –  It cannot be comets because that many comets would be an unrealistic number of unrealistic sizes.   We’re talking huge numbers.    Plus comets won’t explain all the dips or shapes of the dips.

4 – There is a 100+ year dimming trend with the star.    This means this star is steadily losing light.    This star was brighter in the past.    (Honestly we should be looking for other stars that appear to be dimmers though historic plates).   This has been verified by the Harvard Plates,  The Russian Ones,  the Kepler Data showing a dimming trend…  and rumor mills of more verification on the way.   Making it sound like aliens have been building these structures at an impressive rate.     Blocking percentages of big stars impressive.

5 –  This should have been number # if your rank it in importance.    There is zero natural way the star can behave this way.

6 – The people that discovered it were not looking for aliens.    They were looking for Planets.      This is more like the discovery of Penicillin than anything else.

7.   This one is interesting,  large numbers of people,  even Tabby in her Ted talk believe that the lack of IR could just mean that the Alien Megastructure is redirecting it not in Earth’s direction.     Since Natural objects don’t redirect like that.   The lack of IR increases it’s chances of being Alien rather than natural.    Others such as Dr. Bradley Schaefer believe that the law of Theromodynamics applies even to advanced alien tech.

8.  It’s provable…   if these structures are nonspheres and nontransparent then you most likely have aliens.     You could know by the next dip.



How Dyson Spheres and Comets are related to a Kickstarter Project.

 Comets,  Dyson Sphere or something else?


Well this kickstarter deserves your attention. It could change our life in the universe, or it could show us something that we never even knew could exist to that scale in this universe. So what exactly are we talking about?

Well first who am I? I’m a Reddit moderator for KIC 8462852, I support the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers). I even sponsored this star. I urge you to donate as well. I’m a pretty novice Amateur Astronomer (I still use apps on my phone to tell me where to look in the sky sometimes).

That being stated, my day job is a consultant for mostly larger companies to get better rankings in Google or more fans in Facebook. In other words I stare at Charts all day trying to extrapolate meaningful data, and when a mystery appears you do everything in your power to solve that mystery. That’s exactly why this is very much like my day job.

For several years, Planet Hunters, a group that looks for dimming stars was observing Data from Kepler when they noticed a star that dips in a very weird way. When a star dims it could mean a planet (it could also mean dust, comets and more). Huge planets, like Jupiter can dim a star by 1%, this star has been dimming by 15% and 22%. All with weird shapes and sizes, things that look like a Triangle or non-natural shapes overlaying other bands of dimming.  There is a very weird pattern of three,   Like in my job I would have flagged that as a weird trend to follow up on.   but it’s not conclusive by any stretch of the imagination.   Most of the time the star does nothing, it burns like every other normal star of it’s F class. Then every so often it goes nuts. As if massive objects are passing in front of the star.

Astronomers have been looking at these light curves and they look weird. The group that discovered that star is now asking for funds (actually a very small amount of money relative to the question they are asking) for additional research. This is a no-brainer please contribute! $100,000 for a project like this is a minimal cost to have a good telescope network pointing at it.

What makes this case so interesting is that it’s increasingly likely that KIC 8462852 has been subjected to at least 100 years of dimming based on observations that dated back to 1890.

In other words this star not only dims at 15%-22% on random days, it also likes to long term trend with additional blocking of light of roughly 20%. You’d need enough comets to dim the star 20% long term, and still have enough ‘firepower’ to block it an additional 22% on peak days. This sends the number of comets to pretty unrealistic sizes and numbers. However as far as natural solutions this fits the best. Because it’s not that comets can’t do it. It’s just that magnitude and frequency needed to do that would be off the charts in terms of volume and size. It’s so much bigger than ever observed that it doesn’t make sense.

There could be a number of possible things causing this, the problem is every single one of these has a problem with it.

It can’t be a collision because you’d get some heat excess. We’re not seeing that. It can’t be a planet (that’s 1% at most), even with rings you’ll see they have a distinct look. It can’t be asteroids because the way they dip and sizes, it can’t be dust around the star because that would glow when looking at heat, it cannot be dust in interstellar space because it would have affected other nearby stars in the Kepler data. There are a million things it can’t be.


Still Most Likely Not, But Aliens Cannot be ruled out currently.

Now people start to imagine a civilization constructing more and more of these giant super advanced type of solar panels to keep up with additional demand. As the years go by more and more of these solar panels are blocking the sun making it appear as if it’s dipping in light. These solar panels don’t have to be thick, but the assumption is that most likely are not transparent, otherwise why go though all the trouble but not capture as much energy as possible?

That’s a Dyson Sphere (swarm or bubble, most likely not a shell). The point being that it’s Aliens we’re talking about. This is a science fiction level structure , literally in Star Trek (TNG, Relics) though is rooted in Freeman Dyson’s paper that said it’s logical for a civilization to start building solar panels in space, on a solar system sized scale. When power generation becomes a priority and you have exhausted the supply on your home planet you look to the stars and start building super advanced solar panels to generate more power.

These Earth to Moon sized panels (or flexible reflective sheets) start to cover more and more of a star.  Eventually blocking large amounts of the light.   We’ve seen weird things before.   Pulsars are a good example.  These confounded scientists for years, just as Tabby’s star is now.  (Tabby’s star is the nickname of the star,  in honor of    Tabitha Boyajian the individual that is largely credited with discovering this star.

But sometimes we end up with unsolved mysteries such as Allan Hills 84001 where science hits a wall.   You’re close enough to know that what you are seeing is X but you are missing one piece to confirm it.   Or when science comes close to disproving it,  such as WOW Signal! but not close enough to rule out an alien signal.

Today,  we look back at the Menzel gap. Still cursing his name Donald Menzel for not funding a minimal cost for future generations.    Now here we are and we need to get all the information we can, for future generations.  This is why I believe this kickstarter must be funded.

Honestly I don’t know what it is.    It could be Aliens,  it could be comets,  or it could be several things happening at the same time.     Whatever it is I believe it warrants research.


Vacation with Liz Kattner

Liz and I went on Vacation around the Caribbean.  It was a great trip.  Palm Trees,  Warm, Beaches,  you can’t beat it.    We are getting married next vacation ..on the ocean!

We started dating April 17th 2014  and we’re expecting her name to be Liz Wehbe in 2016 or 2017!  Hows that for a martial status!

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AMP test on Batman V Superman

This blog is AMP powered, meaning that it passed the test for having AMP powered webpages. How this works is not going to be known until I make a test. In this test post I am going to discuss the upcoming movie, Batman V Superman.

It’s the start of the Dawn of Justice, the Justice League for DC comics. It’s the rough equal to the Avengers for Marvel. From this movie you’ll find “spin offs” that include Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Lois Lane, Cyborg, The Flash and more.

Basically the entire DC Universe is going to be based on this movie (at least the movie universe).

So let’s see the overall progress if DC can match Marvel’s unified universe. Early showings of Batman V Superman were stated to be amazing and a wonderful movie. For the record I’m going to see this movie. I hope it does what it is trying to do, having a unified DC universe would allow all sorts of new movies and plots.

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