September, 14 2016 – It’s going to be popcorn day


Our distance models are counting on the star not being blocked.  

On September 14th 2016 the European Gaia Spacecraft Data on Tabby’s Star will be available.

In focus a Parallax that would give a precise measurement of distance between us and the star.

Currently our estimate of distance between us and Tabby’s Star is 1480 Light Years.

The estimate is based on a few factors,  primarily color and brightness.    The problem is this star , is , dimming and it looks like it has since at least 1890 (the first year we have observation).  Most likely it’s been dimming much, much longer than that.

If this star is dimming like the evidence is pointing towards.    It would mean this star is dimming now.

A Parallax would give us a real number rather than an estimate.

If the Parallax comes in around 1480 light years, within a reasonable margin of error than my theory is toast.. and you can all poke fun at me on Reddit until the next dip.  Though don’t celebrate that much,  a Parallax coming in at nearly exactly the estimate means that the blocking material isn’t around the star..   could be something in interstellar space , which raises far more questions.. such as why doesn’t this blocking material block other stars?

If it comes way more than 1480 light years meaning the star is much brighter, then purely speculative forum theories range from a gigantic light sail coming right at us to a beacon telling the universe they are there.

The point is no one is really expecting brightening,  however dimming is what many of us are speculating.

If it comes in less let’s say around or under 1000 light years.     That automatically should raise the red flag on this star.

It would mean first that this star is messed around with so badly that even our models of estimating distance are broken.

But what it also means is the following:

1 – The star is closer than what we were initially thinking.
2 – The star is dimming currently.

Our distance models are counting on the star not being blocked.

Honestly I don’t know if the next dip is going to change much.    Because then we’re talking multi multi muti level layers of weirdness.

See at that point we’ll realize that the star is currently dipping at a huge percentage,   it’s closer than it appears,  and dipping achromatic with no heat.

So if it’s going to dip on March 2017 ,  it would only most likely deepen the mystery…  no matter the result.

We still would have to explain why the star is being blocked at this very moment by whatever percentage the parallax is off from 1480 Light Years.  Why is it now not giving IR excess?   and all the usual questions with blocking material .

It’s out on September, 14 2016 ..  watch on reddit.