AMP test on Batman V Superman

This blog is AMP powered, meaning that it passed the test for having AMP powered webpages. How this works is not going to be known until I make a test. In this test post I am going to discuss the upcoming movie, Batman V Superman.

It’s the start of the Dawn of Justice, the Justice League for DC comics. It’s the rough equal to the Avengers for Marvel. From this movie you’ll find “spin offs” that include Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Aquaman, Lois Lane, Cyborg, The Flash and more.

Basically the entire DC Universe is going to be based on this movie (at least the movie universe).

So let’s see the overall progress if DC can match Marvel’s unified universe. Early showings of Batman V Superman were stated to be amazing and a wonderful movie. For the record I’m going to see this movie. I hope it does what it is trying to do, having a unified DC universe would allow all sorts of new movies and plots.