Scotty (pictured) was once stranded on top of a Dyson Sphere in Star Trek.   Though the Dyson Sphere they envisioned on Episode was literally a Dyson Shell.     Dyson Spheres have a couple general types.   A full hard enclosed Shell or  a Swarm of  solar panels (or mirrors) that cover large parts of the solar system in various configurations and sizes.    In October of 2015 the public got to hear about the Kepler Data that Planet Hunters was observing since 2009.    What happened was Kepler saw something pretty incredible, Bizarre and interesting data.   The star was dimming huge amounts of light.  22% was measured in 2013,  coupled with random shapes, sizes.  This coupled with lack of IR or other type of signatures that help detect things such as disks or planetary collisions.

Makes this star a complete mystery. Every theory that we come up with have some serious issues with them.

(Above) Jason Wright is an astronomer at Penn State that played a pivotal role in getting this star at the public’s attention. TheFounder is my personal twitter account.

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