Sometimes one has to take things a day at a time.

I took a simple script, and just accounted for some historical events in days rather for an additional perspective. The script is “alive” meaning that it updates automatically. Initially I did it as a joke to tell my son “you’re a whopping 3000 days old” … however now it’s become more than that. Some things, when translated to days show a very differing story than how people are normally accustomed to understanding them.

There is no rhyme or reason to how things are listed, they just are added when I think of them.

United States Founded 87921 days ago
Last time a human set foot on Moon 16166 days ago
The 9/11 terrorist attacks 5673 days ago
Hostages in Iran 13655 days ago
Last use of Space Shuttle 2086 days ago
Soviet Union Collapsed 9220 days ago
First iPhone came out 3556 days ago
Facebook Launched 4797 days ago
Roman Empire Collapsed 588124 days ago
Reddit was launched 4314 days ago
Internet open for public use 9362 days ago
World War II Started 28329 days ago
World War II ended 26136 days ago
First Telegram round the world 38568 days ago
Voyager II launched 14461 days ago
USSR invaded Czechoslovakia 17748 days ago
Micky Mouse was invented 32328 days ago
Mata Hari was executed for being a spy 36320 days ago
Great Pyramid of Giza Built 1671798 days ago
Star Trek The Next Generation final episode 8341 days ago
Star Trek the Original Series final episode 18460 days ago
Leonard Nimoy died 756 days ago
John Smith founded the Jamestown settlement 149699 days ago

Francis was born 4353 days ago
Roger was born 15513 days ago
Roger Wehbe and Liz Kattner Dating 1072 days ago
Roger Wehbe and Liz Kattner Engaged 1000 days ago
Good Girl since 1582 days ago

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