Batman V Superman T Shirts


Batman V Superman is going to be perhaps the Superhero movie of the year. All sorts of cool stuff are coming out, like tons of Batman V Superman T-Shirts and other pretty cool products.

The movie is fairly straightforward. It’s titled Batman V Superman | Dawn of Justice for a reason. It’s the beginning of an entire DC Universe including Wonder Woman and many of the other DC comic heros (and villains). This opens the door to a large number of DC movies in the future. For example, now in the Movie Universe we have Batman meeting Lex Luthor. So it’s possible in some future date we’ll have a Batman V Lex Luthor movie. Same goes for Wonder Woman , Aquaman and everyone else. This is the DC comics version of the Marvel Avengers.

I’m personally excited about this film and I believe that it will do well in the movie as well as a way to build a platform for the continuation of the DC line. If DC plays it’s cards right we could have a seamless shift from one movie to another.

Batman is one of my favorite characters in the universe. With no super powers he is literally just a man… who happens to be able to stand up to one of the most powerful superheros in this corner of the galaxy. So he inspires many with the belief that anyone could be a superhero.

I can’t wait to see this movie.

You are a jerk Google

lyricsRecently Google has been testing 4 PPC ads on top, news links, image links, and just flat out displays the answer (type in weather  or Men at work It’s a Mistake Lyrics for example) and in some cases all of them at the same time. Making the first organic listing below the fold.. in some cases WAY below the fold. My dumb question is I have observed the same position (#1) and roughly the same search volume (300,000k) for the same keyword per month, every month.

However the CTR has steady decreased month after month, especially after Google adds another “innovation” on top of the organic results. This initially was limited to only main keywords, but these new “innovations” continue to creep into long tail searches now. If this continues into it’s logical conclusion does it means we create content for Google to scrape and display without sending the traffic to our site?

Are you guys okay with this? Or do we have no choice but to submit to our Google overlords and just give them free content to scrape? This isn’t really a request for SEO help.. it’s more of just a observation and complaint and with no valid way to express frustration other than a random blog post…

Superherostuff Reviews

Superherostuff is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with.  They provided fast shipping,  customer service and was overall a fantastic place to make my superhero related purchases.   The company has been in business since the 1990’s.  So I wasn’t afraid of taking a risk buying from them.

They delivered the products within the expected timeframe,  the products came in carefully packaged and in perfect working order.

I will continue to buy from them because I believe that the company, located in Sinking Springs, PA  (near my location)  and their extensive T-Shirt and Product inventory is impressive.   You can find T-Shirts of every imaginable Superhero and Science Fiction show or character you can think of.

Definitely this company is going places with the level of quality and selection that they offer.    I would make a positive review about them anytime and anywhere.

Go ahead and give them a try..   post your reviews below!






Did they find a Dyson Swarm at KIC 8462852 ?

30936There’s a star called KIC 8462852  ( Tabby’s Star ) that the light from the star isn’t doing what a normal star of that age is supposed to be doing.  It’s blinking, dipping and randomly getting brighter and dimmer.    Over the past 100 years (data was found going back to the year 1890) showing the star dimming over time.    As if something was slowly over the course of the past 100 some years blocking it’s light.

Due for a lack of reasonable explanation gives us the **remote** possibility of what appears to be a partially constructed Dyson Sphere or Dyson Swarm.

Several competing theories on why this is happening,  with the primary one being a huge mass of comets blocking the star.   This fell apart however due to the historical and recent data suggested it would need 648,000 giant state sized comets orbiting the star to cause these dips over the course of the 100 year period.    This is something that is deemed impossible.   The next possible solution would be a Dyson sphere or Swarm.  A hypothetical megastructure that completely or partially encompasses a star and hence captures most  of its power output (source Wikipedia).

The reason for someone to build such as massive structure would be to capture a huge portion of the output of a star. The energy production from a project like this would be massive.

It would be interesting to say the least that our first view of an extraterrestrial would be the construction of a type II Civilization. If that was the case (which is unlikely) it means that this object that we are seeing is at 1,500 light-years away means that this was built at least 1,500 years ago, for all we know we’re looking at ruins of a civilization a million years old or a bunch of dirty comets that just happened to make it look like it was artificially built.

Assume against all probability assume that this really is a Dyson Sphere. We are looking at a Dyson Sphere orbiting their star in the year 515 AD. I don’t know, I doubt we savages would have anything in common with them. To put something in Solar orbit like that, you’d assume it wasn’t put up overnight. This structure most likely was built (if it was built in the first place) at least thousands of years ago.

This really is a mystery.    If this proves to be true (and honestly I’m not sure if it will ever be proven in our lifetime)  it would be an amazing thing to know we are not alone in the universe.

Most likely the universe is teeming with life.    We already found evidence of ancient microbes from the planet next door (Mars, image below)


But the image above most likely isn’t like whatever built that Dyson Sphere .. .again if it’s proven to be true.   That is a huge jump from some random bacteria like alien compared to the engineering skills needed to build such a massive structure orbiting a star.

Who knows what is going on up there, but whatever it is it’s amazing.

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