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8 Reasons why it could be Aliens at Tabby’s Star


I personally think it could be an alien megastructure.     I’m not saying it is,  I’m just going to tell you why it could be.

The evidence is mounting that it actually is an artificial object the size of an entire solar system 1480 light years away.

Right now out of the theories we have left Aliens are the most likely.

I’m not saying it’s Aliens but to explain it we need another natural theory that fits.  We have none.

To do it by the book they should  get the funding and catch the star  dipping,  They can get more evidence  of it being an alien megastructure via observations while dipping..

Then you can say you discovered aliens.    You have multiple confirmations, multiple reasons, multiple methods that would be a multiple layered confirmation of Intelligent Alien Life.

But with what we know now,  why could it be life?

Here’s the 8 reasons:

1 –  The size of the object that is dipping the light from the star is roughly 70% the size of our sun,  but it’s not a sphere.   Gravity forces any object to become a sphere as it gains mass.     The objects we observed were not spheres.  They had non-sphere shapes, yet were 70% the size of our own sun.     These are all big and small have very oddly organized shapes , directions and orbits.

2 –  It cannot be a gas,  because any gas would show heat and we’d see IR.

3 –  It cannot be comets because that many comets would be an unrealistic number of unrealistic sizes.   We’re talking huge numbers.    Plus comets won’t explain all the dips or shapes of the dips.

4 – There is a 100+ year dimming trend with the star.    This means this star is steadily losing light.    This star was brighter in the past.    (Honestly we should be looking for other stars that appear to be dimmers though historic plates).   This has been verified by the Harvard Plates,  The Russian Ones,  the Kepler Data showing a dimming trend…  and rumor mills of more verification on the way.   Making it sound like aliens have been building these structures at an impressive rate.     Blocking percentages of big stars impressive.

5 –  This should have been number # if your rank it in importance.    There is zero natural way the star can behave this way.

6 – The people that discovered it were not looking for aliens.    They were looking for Planets.      This is more like the discovery of Penicillin than anything else.

7.   This one is interesting,  large numbers of people,  even Tabby in her Ted talk believe that the lack of IR could just mean that the Alien Megastructure is redirecting it not in Earth’s direction.     Since Natural objects don’t redirect like that.   The lack of IR increases it’s chances of being Alien rather than natural.    Others such as Dr. Bradley Schaefer believe that the law of Theromodynamics applies even to advanced alien tech.

8.  It’s provable…   if these structures are nonspheres and nontransparent then you most likely have aliens.     You could know by the next dip.