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Google takes photo of Roger , Roger takes photo of Google

This is a photo I took about 2 years ago.  In front of Yooter Marketing Agency in Pottsville, Pa.   If you click to enlarge,  you’ll even notice the shadow of the street sign in one photo, and the street sign in the other.     I found it to be a fantastic photo.

I took a photo of Google, Google took a photo of me
I took a photo of Google, Google took a photo of me

Very Seldom do you catch Google Cars driving on the street in front of you,  even more seldom do you get to trade photos with it.

Due to the time delay,  the image showed up on Google Street view about a year after the event occurred.   So as far as the world is concerned the photo is only a year old (though the actual event took place longer than that).

Does anyone else have any cool Google Street View Photos that you took (I’m already aware of the sites out there that publish these).


An illegal photo

The below photo is technically illegal. Meaning it should have never been allowed to be photographed. As climbing on top of a Pyramid like that violates many laws in Egypt. However to be fair, lets not pretend that people haven’t been crawling all over them for thousands of years. Entire Roman Legions have probably been up on it all at once.