The Kickstarter for KIC 8462852 | Tabby’s Star is successful!

The Kickstarter is successful!    This means that the star will be observed for a full year for any dips.   It also means that we will finally know what the heck is this:

aliens4These dips are not normal!  However since the project is funded we can actually get some science done.

IF (capital IF)  the next dip shows up and it’s achromatic  shaped anything other than a sphere.  Blocking 22% of the light with no heat though it’s parked right up against a star.   the conspiracy theorists will be the ones that say it’s not aliens.

Here is a cut and paste from a recent AMA with Jason Wright and Tabby Boyajian.

Question :  Lets assume it is rigorously tested and confirmed without any doubt that the signal is achromatic. What then? Where will we go from there? I believe that was the intent of the OP to ask.

Answer :  Then it’s back to the theorists to invoke absorbers without dust or gas — I don’t know what’s left! It would rule out lots of items on our “bad ideas” list (keep in mind that our list of “good ideas” is empty!).

Pretty Cool!   Congrats to everyone that worked to make this project successful!

Hopefully we can get some answers.